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Some of the bespoke and custom products produced in South Africa
Our constant search for that next perfect ride, be it on a bicycle or in life has lead us to this next adventure. With a common love for riding our bikes and a diverse engineering background, we set about designing and manufacturing composite bicycle components. Our products are wholly designed and manufactured by us in house. #handgemaak
What do you do when you restore an old bike and the saddle doesn’t really suit the new bike? Make your own one obviously. Others really seemed to like what we’d done with ours so we helped them make their saddle dreams come true. And so it began. Using the finest leathers and good old hand craft skills we restore and customize old or ugly saddles and handlebars. We’re two brothers from Cape Town creating bespoke leather bicycle accessories to help make your bike look more beautiful.
We are Ubuntu Bikes. Welcome to our Online Bicycle Shop. Our products and services are quite simple, but they also offer an amazing range of possibilities. We customise bicycles to your complete specification and satisfaction, whether you bring your own bike, we offer one of our vintage bikes, or we source something brand spanking new to apply our awesomeness to. The choice is yours!

For something already created, check out our Products page. This features everything we are currently offering for sale.

If you would like to explore what custom work we can do for you then check out our Services page for more information.
I have had a love affair with bicycles since I was five. I love the inherent beauty in the simple design of the bicycle and I admire the workmanship and artistry that goes into the handmade bicycle. It has always been a dream of mine to design and manufacture custom bicycles and parts. Here at MercerBikes I can finally realise this dream.

The Dirtopia ‘Fietswinkel’ / Trail Centre opened in Nov’13 & is based in Welgevonden Estate at Stone Square Shopping Centre. Our bikeshop has full mechanical services & bike sales.  Pierre de Villiers runs the show and is an expert mechanic with over 20 years of experience in the industry.  There are also bike accessories & parts for sale as well as outdoor equipment & supplies for trail runners & hikers.
I raced and jammed a Profile Champ Pro back in the day, and decided to build myself a new one with modern geometry, but still maintaining the essence and magic of the original version more than 25 years ago.
The elements that was important for me to preserve was the short rear end, and the high stack height of the original one, oh and off course the loop tail. Some items that needed to be pulled into current times was a smaller, but thicker dropout, modern geometry, integrated head tube and V-Brake mounts.
The plan is to produce a small run of 10 units that will include a fork (still in production) to go on sale by the end of May.
For now my plan is to kit this baby out with some quality profile stuff and to take it through it’s paces that it was built for.
Every neighbourhood needs a kid and every kid needs a bike and every bike needs some love so to bring it full circle we’ve launched a neighbourhood bike shop with the name Woodstock Cycleworks above the door. It’s a shop for big kids and small kids.

What kind of bikes you may ask? We love bikes, all bikes, but particularly your bike and the one that’s been gathering dust in the back of the shed. Those neglected beauties waiting for some air in their tires, a drop of oil to ease that squeak and a road to strut all fancy pants down.

We sell new and vintage bikes, service almost everything, love refurbishing old beauties and have crates of spares to help you fix that flat tyre or finish that project bike that’s been taking up space in your living room.

You should know that we don’t follow many rules when it comes to our coffee. In fact, there aren’t a lot of rules that we follow in general. We do however know what we want. We are passionate about coffee and we think that those are good enough reasons for us to do what we do, and that is to roast, supply and serve coffee in the best way we know how.
We believe in having a great place where we can do all this, and where you can enjoy our coffee. That’s why our coffee roastery is the way it is. You won’t find any fancy food or wifi here. That’s not our vibe. Good music, interesting people and great coffee. We like to give you coffee the way we would like to receive it. That’s what we’re all about.

Handlebars was hand build by Advanced FiberForm. Advanced Fibreform is an engineering, tooling and production firm, all under one roof, based in Strand, Western Cape. We specialise in composite materials.