Deluxe Coffee Bike

The Deluxe Coffee Bike was a custom project undertaken for Deluxe Coffee Works.

This is a true custom handmade bicycle for the guys at Deluxe who don’t follow many rules when it comes to their coffee and life. In fact, there aren’t a lot rules that they follow in general.

Bouwer Works Desmond Louw 0011

A disc brake single speed bike with smoke chrome finish. 29er mountain bike wheels were fitted with thorn and glass resistant metro tyres and slime inner tubes to make sure that this machine never stops.

Bouwer Works Desmond Louw 0017

A s-ram carbon crank to crank some speed.

Bouwer Works Desmond Louw 0013

The handlebars was custom bend from a single piece of tubing. The left and right side is joined via a triple clamp system to form handlebars and fork.

Bouwer Works Desmond Louw 0015

These unique handlebars is finished with custom handmade leather grips to match saddle and inverted brake levers.

Bouwer Works Desmond Louw 0014

A Fizzik saddle was re-upholstered and hand stitched to perfection.