Two years of research, design, development and numerous iterations have led to the rise of the B-Series Frame. The B-Series frame is constructed from 16mm marine grade stainless steel tubing, with options on headset (1′, 1 1/8′, integrated, etc) ┬ábraking system (disc, caliper) and bottom bracket shell configuration (BB86, english sqaure taper). Frame geometry is specific for specific fit required. This specification is then modelled via CAD after which it is cold CNC bended in the three planes of freedom to complete a double looped mirror frame. The frame is hand assembled with head tube, braking mounts, dropouts, bottom bracket and seat bracket using hidden TIG welds.


This peerless construction method combined with the strength properties of stainless steel eliminates the stresses on joins of conventional frame designs and construction techniques and allows for the creation of a frame without a seat tube. This design and construction absorbs and spread stresses more evenly through the frame. Furthermore, the double frame design and tensile strength properties of stainless steel supports the structural requirements for this specific profile design decision.


No two bikes leaving the Bouwer Works Stable is the same. You state your theme, likes and color schemes and a proposition is compiled to discuss.